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Everyone loves sheet cakes, super easy to make and no faffing around with layers. They are perfect for feeding a crowd or for bake sales.

This one is rich with chocolate and coffee and makes a handsome partner to good latte or Espresso.
You can swap in for a regular chocolate ‘buttercream’ if you wish.

If you know in advance you are going to make this, I would pop a tin of coconut milk into the fridge to chill. Unless you use a reliable brand like I do I know I will always find a solid top to my tinned coconut milk.


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A lifelong foodie, in recent years I have fallen in love with creating fresh vegan recipes. It makes me so happy to feed my friends and family healthy plant-based meals and I am delighted that I now have the chance to share some of my favourite recipes, tips and little hacks with you. Do let me know if you are inspired to try any of them out!

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