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A lifelong foodie, in recent years I have fallen in love with creating fresh vegan recipes. It makes me so happy to feed my friends and family healthy plant-based meals and I am delighted that I now have the chance to share some of my favourite recipes, tips and little hacks with you. Do let me know if you are inspired to try any of them out!


A married mum with two beautiful daughters, the road to a plant-based family diet has been a long and winding one!

Always on the look out for healthy ways to eat as a family, we started with meatless Mondays and before long this turned into meatless Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays too… While I was apprehensive about how easy it would be to keep everyone satisfied, before long our new vegetarian menu was proving to be more popular than our old family favourites.

Over time, I became more and more interested not only in the nutritional value of the meals we were eating but the effect that our diet could have on the planet too. I soaked up all of the information I could get my hands on, before deciding that the next step had to be moving on from animal products altogether.

Making the decision to ‘go vegan’ actually felt incredibly liberating. Looking back, it has really pushed me creatively and has totally changed the way I plan a meal. It’s a real adventure too – while I would previously base a family dinner around the 6 main animal products, I now have around 250,000 different varieties of edible plants to choose from. I regularly find myself trying a particular fruit or vegetable for the first time and working out what I can do with it…

Turning all that I had learnt, my love of food, cooking and Photography into something positive and meaningful has been hugely rewarding. This was the birth of Natalie Naturally, a place where I could share simple, easy-to-follow recipes that my family and friends love.

So, wherever you are on your journey (you may be vegan, curious about what a plant-based diet has to offer or just into great tasting food), I really hope that you decide to give a few of my recipes a try. They really do taste as good as they look!


Healthy and Indulgent

It is no secret that a plant-based diet has health benefits. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite little treats – life is too short to be a saint all the time!

I find 80/20 to be a good balance for my family and so (roughly speaking) for every four healthy dishes on here you should be able to find a truly indulgent recipe for you to try. Perfect for celebrations (or whenever you fancy a treat) these will often include lashings of natural sweetness or alcohol, or both!

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