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I suggested 1-2 cups of milk depending on how thick you like it. If you just add one you will have yourself more of a smoothie bowl and the layers will be more prominent, if its thinner they will mix together easily. However you if you cannot be bothered to layer, just blitz the lot together. Tastes just the same, just looks it a little less pretty.
Swap in for frozen banana if you prefer or pineapple. You can also use nut milk in replace of the coconut.


600g frozen mango
Large thumb sized piece of fresh grated ginger
1 lime zest and juice
Small handful mint leaves
1 heaped tsp matcha powder
1-2 cups coconut milk from chiller section or other plant milk
1-2 tbsp. Spirulina powder


In a blender add everything except spirulina powder, blitz till smooth.

Remove half and spoon into 2 glasses.

Add the spirulina to the remaining mix and give it one last blitz to combine.

Spoon on top and serve immediately.

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